Produce, Floral & Grocers

Standard Produce Rubber Bands
Alliance makes a large range of food grade rubber band sizes and colors that keep their hold on products even as produce items lose moisture. This maintains a fresh appearance and requires less maintenance at the store level. Our floral and produce rubber bands: Meet FDA requirements for...
Standard Imprinted PLU Bands
Our standard Imprinted PLU Bands offer you the ability to label your item with country of origin and PLU number. This allows for easy reference at checkout. Our produce and floral products: Meet all FDA requirements for direct food contact Are waterproof Will never leave brown...
Custom Imprinted PLU Bands
Branding your produce with your name, your website and/or your promotion will give you greater recognition and encourage brand loyalty. Consumers will discover hundreds of uses for your custom PLU band even after your produce is gone, providing you with subtle, on-going advertising. Our produce...
Standard/Custom ProTape®
Especially designed for produce bundling, ProTape® gives you the added benefit of bar coding. It is available in standard and custom designs. All custom designs give you the ability to add your name and/or logo to enhance the quality of your branded item. Sticks only to itself Easily...
300V ProTape® Dispenser
This basic ProTape® dispenser allows easy handling and cutting of ProTape® for manual application. The 300V has a lightweight and durable construction making it ideal for flexible low volume applications.  
300V-II ProTape® Dispenser
This economical ProTape® Dispenser features an application plate to measure, cut and apply ProTape® to asparagus, spinach, leafy lettuces, green onions and other fresh vegetables. The 300V-II is lightweight, durable and versatile.  
3000V ProTape® Dispenser
With the push of a hand this semi-automatic dispenser measures, wraps and seals ProTape® to make a secure and attractive bundle. The 3000V is three times faster than the pull and cut dispensers and constructed to give hassle-free service.  
5000V ProTape® Dispenser
When two hands are required to handle your produce, this electric ProTape® Dispenser can be activated by the foot pedal feature. The 5000V is built for speed and ease of application.